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About me

Danish production designer and visual storyteller based in Helsinki.

Finished BA in Production Design at KADK

(The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) in 2017. Production Design MA at Aalto University.

My whole life I have been an enthusiastic consumer of stories, and during my childhood I have spent countless hours imagining new worlds and the lives of other people.


Objects and lived spaces speak about the people using and inhabiting them beyond words and actions.

As a production designer, I help both the crew and audience to go deeper into the characters.

Which in the end is one of the basic needs of storytelling - understanding other human beings and imagining ourselves in a similar situation.

My work as a production designer focuses highly on collaboration. Usually the best set design does not make itself visible, but fits the story so well that you believe in this constructed world.

I always aim to understand and support the ideas of the director and DOP, since I believe that working towards the same goal will give the strongest result and it will translate to the audience as well.


+358 45 279 6469

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